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Sigma Team Ltd. Business Profile
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Sigma Team engages in initiating, organizing and managing international conferences, professional exhibitions, complex events, focused seminars, study days and active displays in various fields, specializing in technological, high-tech fields with a professional / academic and innovative character.


Sigma Team has special expertise in the security and defense field (military systems, police, civil security, homeland security, home front protection, handling of mass disasters, border protection, counterterrorism and aerial / aviation security).


Sigma Team Ltd. was founded in 1986 by Zeev Omer and Lior Caspi.

The company has operated in the field of conferences and exhibitions for 28 years running in Israel and overseas. 
Its founders serve as active directors who are fully involved in the managing of the company, leading professional teams who work in the company and in forming the company’s policy and vision.


Sigma Team is an authorized supplier that specializes in organizing exhibitions and conference for Israel's Ministry of Defense, Israeli Army (IDF) Israeli Police, the Israel Export Institute, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Sigma Team is an entrepreneurial company by essence, and most of the events, exhibitions and conferences that it organizes are exclusively owned and managed by it.


Sigma Team is the only company in Israel that has specialized so much and for so long in organizing professional events in defense and civilian security fields.


In 2002, Sigma Team was appointed by the Israeli Police to organize simulation scenarios that combine an active seminar, with an operational exercise with full forces combined with a professional exhibition. 

In 2004, Sigma Team was appointed by the Ministry of Defense as the organizer of the first international conference and exhibition of the IDF.

In 2005, Sigma Team received official recognition from the Ministry of Trade and Industry as the organizer of Israel’s only official state Security & defense exhibition. 

In 2009, Sigma Team was appointed by the Israeli Prison Authority to organize simulation scenarios that combine an active seminar, with an operational exercise with full forces combined with a professional exhibition.


Sigma Team– Unique capabilities, Special expertise


Engaging in unique fields has required the company to develop capabilities and insights that are not required in organizing regular conferences, exhibitions and events. The contents, requirements, equipment and assets, professional engaging in the relevant fields, media coverage, interaction between private parties and institutional / governmental systems, activity with professional populations, each acting under unique procedures and “code languages” and professional needs, require different and complex attention to the setup, planning and execution of exhibitions or conferences in accordance with the required field.


Sigma Team also provides its services for very large or complex events or those with strategic importance related to the company’s fields of expertise. In these cases, we ask to be full participants in organizing the event / conference / exhibition from the content and substance phase. Sigma Team considers itself to be a full partner in events, based on a holistic professional concept and recognition of the importance of seeing the whole picture and compositional uniformity of events.


Sigma Team considers providing an overall helping umbrella and widespread organizational support to be of supreme importance. The ability to make available to the customer organizational ability and experience accumulated over many years and events is an important asset to us.

We at Sigma Team consider our ability to contribute knowledge and professional consultation to customers beyond requirements of a given specification / tender or event to be a major privilege. We believe in personal accompaniment and true partnership between the customer and our company in order to make events successful. 

Sigma Team has excellent working relations with various parties in Israel, including the Ministry of Defense, Israel Defense Forces, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Israel Police, the scientific community (the National Scientific Council), universities, the Local Authority Center, the Israel Export Institute, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Foreign Trade Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, foreign embassies and attaché offices operating in Israel, the European Union, the Ministry of Science and Culture, overseas representatives of Israel.


Organizing professional events (international conferences, exhibitions and study days, presentations, proofs of concept, simulations, operational trips, lectures, etc.) is our company’s bread and butter and part of the everyday activity of our system at unparalleled levels of expertise and experience.

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