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Homeland Security Means

Electronic Security Systems 
Protection Technologies 
Risk management
Safety & Industrial security 
Biometric & Access control Tech. 
Alarm systems
Systems Integration
Identification Technologies
Early warning systems 
Central Monitoring
Communication & Surveillance
Computer & Data Security
Locks and bolts, safes 
Fire inspection & protection

Perimeter & physical protection
Patrol services
Gates and Road Blocks
Glazing, Grills and Shutters

Civil Defense
Emergency & Rescue 
Disaster control
Riot Control
NBC detection & response
Explosives & Biological Detection & protection

Military and Army equipment
Explosive detection
Night vision, Electro-Optics
Intelligence Specialist operations
Arms and Ammunition
Ground Forces Equipment 
Aviation Security 
Command and control systems
Body Armor 
Peace Keeping 
Border Security 

Special Forces

Counter Terrorism 
Homeland Security
VIP protection
Valuables in transit
Vehicle scanning systems
Collection and Investigation

Police and Law Enforcement 
Training & Consulting
Smart Munitions
Air& Seaport Security

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