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Events & Special Demonstration Program


“Who Dares Wins” The 2nd Conference on “Special Forces Operations”

The Operational Challenges
The session will focus on the operational challenges faced by Special Forces in the present operation era; in a hostile urban environment, beyond enemy lines, Among populations supporting the adversary and in areas under weak control of sovereign countries.

Trends in the Operation Concepts
The session will focus on the current operation concepts of Special Forces in general and on the collaboration between operations and intelligence between Special Forces and use of technology and the utilization of special capabilities such as Crisis Negotiation and Information Operations

Lessons and Insights Drawn From the Analysis of actual Case Studies

The session will present lessons and insights drawn from special operations conducted in Israel and in fighting zone Worldwide, such as: “Homat Magen” (Defensive Shield) operation, Lebanon War 2006, the capture of the ‘Karine A’ ship, “Oferet Yetzuka” (Cast Lead) operation, "Amud Anan" (Cloud Column) operation 2012.

Special Tribute - 40 Years to the October War 1973 ('YOM KIPUR")
The development of special units and their roll in the state defense concept and strategy. Panel with commanders of special units from then and now.

The conference is aimed to all those engaged in the planning and execution of special military and police operations against regular military forces, terrorism, guerilla and severe crimes. The objectives of the conference are to facilitate learning sessions among professional experts in the field from across the globe and exchange of professional opinions and ideas, lessons and current operational concepts drawn from the experience of Special Forces in Israel and worldwide; and to promote international collaborations on the struggle against various forms of terrorism and violence.

The conference is aimed to professionals and functionaries from Israel and overseas.


Active Seminar for Military, Police & Special Forces


Full Field Demonstration & Active Seminar - The Future Battlefield
(Including exercises, live scenarios and equipment use)

Night Vision Shooting Range (26/6/2013 - 19:00-21:00)
The night vision industry will allow the visitors to use various equipment in several combat situations.
Unmanned Simulation
A simulating range of unmanned ground, maritime and aerial vehicles and systems.
Special Vehicles in a changing
cross-country mobility conditions
Rapid Intervention Vehicles
Long Range Reconnaissance Vehicles
Military Transport Vehicles
Armored Vehicles
CT Vehicles
Hostage Release Exercise
A breaching and taking over a highly secured installation located in an urban area in order to free a hostage.
The exercise will demonstrate multi tasking units and work of joint forces.


HLS TOUR and Counter - Terror Seminar for Foreign Participants


Visitors from abroad will be invited to participate in tours conducted by senior officers of the Israel Defense Forces and the Israel Police. The tours will take place in surroundings which allow the participants to see and to understand the security problems that Israel faces and will include presentation of the systems andtechnologies used by the security forces.


One tour will visit the "Jerusalem Envelope" and the separationbarrier, and another will go to the environs of the Gaza Strip, the "Qassam Rocket Land", and the border crossing points. In addition, visitors will participate in a series of counter-terror exercises demonstrating various scenarios and the operational activities designed to deal with acts of terror and their prevention.

The tour is protected and will not pass through dangerous areas.
Note: This is a preliminary program and subject to change.



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